3M offers solutions for increasing the efficiency and productivity of your laboratory, quality control and production sites. Using the wide range of 3M products, you can perform many analyzes and controls to ensure the hygiene in your business.


  • Indicators - 3M Petrifilm
    Reliable, standardized media and monsterinoculatie preparation is critical to delivering quality results.

    Benefits 3M Petrifilm:
    - Ready to use
    - Certified production
    - Validated method
    - Saves time
    - Increase productivity and reliability
    - Reduction of operating costs
    - Fast and reliable interpretation of results. The use of the Petrifilm Plate Reader gives you in 4 seconds a consistent, automated results.
  • Solutions for sampling
    - Sampling
    - Preparation and dilution
    - Inoculation
  • Sterilization assurance
  • Pathogens
    Fast, reliable and accurate detection of pathogens and toxins in food through 3M Tecra Tests.

    Visual Immunoassays (VIA):
    - International validated (AOAC)
    - Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter
    - Bacillus and Staphylococcus enterotoxin
    - Detection of pathogens and toxins in raw materials, finished products and environmental surfaces in production facilities.
  • Hygiene Control / HACCP
    HACCP helps to identify potential food safety hazards during preparation, production, packaging and distribution of food. The monitoring and measurement of critical control points can reduce or eliminate risk of danger. This leads to lower levels of contamination in finished products, improved quality, fewer rejected consignments and a lower risk of recall of the product.

    3M solutions:
    - Clean-Trace ATP
    - Clean-Trace Protein
    - Environmental testing: pre-wetted Petri Movies
                                        sample handling
  • Temperature measurements
    In order to monitor the temperatures efficiently during delivery, there are the following solutions:
    - 3M Monitor Mark Time / Temperature Indicators
    - 3M Freeze Watch Indicators
    - 3M Temperature Logger TL30
  • Sterility of the end product
    ATP bioluminescence is a proven, effective method for the screening of final products. The rapid assay is designed to detect the presence of microbial ATP in sterile UHT and ESL-milk.
  • Water
    Testing the water quality is important in many different areas: drinking water, process water, rinse water as well as wastewater.
    3M solutions:
    - Petrifilm Water Tests (video)
    - ATP-measurement in water
    - 3M Dipslides

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