Gilson provides high quality solutions for liquid chromatography, solid phase extraction, liquid handling and gel permeation chromatography clean-up requirements in the pharmaceutical, environmental, food & beverage, clinical and forensic markets. 

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* Adjustable-Volume pipettes

  • PIPETMAN Classic
  • PIPETMAN Neo Multichannel
  • PIPETMAN M Multichannel
  • PIPETMAN L Multichannel

* Electronic pipettes

  • PIPETMAN M Multichannel
  • PIPETMAN Concept - Single & Multichannel

* Fixed-Volume pipettes


  • Tips

    The Gilson tips are made with the highest grade, 100% pure virgin polypropylene, an insert plastic characterized by low rentention.
    Gilson also has Filter tips to prevent sample and pipette contamination.
    Volume graduations make it easy to visually check the volume aspirated. You can order the tips in different packagings.
  • Carrousel

    The carrousel pipettes stand is robust, stable and holds up to seven Gilson pipettes. Both single and multichannel models.


Gilson's Microman is a fully adjustable, positive-displacement pipette that, together with its Capillary Pistons (CPs), will ensure accuracy and precision when pipetting problem liquids, even with the most viscous and volatile liquids. Microman offers full protection against cross contamination.


The Gilson Macroman has a unique comfort to controlling glass and plastic pipettes. This robust and reliable controller is designed to be easily operated and integrated into any laboratory requiering a high level of safety, ergonomics and productivity. 


Distriman is the only continuously adjustable mechanical repetitive pipette with direct read-out available on the market. This pipet can dispense aliquots ranging in volume from 1 µL to 1.25 mL with the combination of its three dedicated models of Distritips. Each syringe can dispense up to 125 aliquots (of the minimal volume).


Repetman is a positive-displacement, adjustable and motorized repeater pipette that simplifies multiple dispensing when used with Gilson Repet-tips syringes. This model is rapid, reliable, repetitive and motorized.

Pipette Service Center

The quality of the Gilson pipettes is matched by the quality of their service after sales! Pipettes will be repaired and calibrated by technical professionals. Every pipette will be taken to a balance and will be ensured that only genuine, new manufacturer spare parts are used for repairs.

Peristaltic pumps

  • Minipuls 3

    This peristaltic pump is specifically designed to meet process laboratory liquid handling needs. The Minipuls 3 combines microprocessor speed control with a high-torque stepper motor. Chemical-resistant pump heads, equipped with 10 stainless steel rollers, set the performance standard in producing smooth, low-pulse flow and reproducible flow rates at higher pressures.
  • Minipuls Evolution

    Offering unmatched flexibility and performance for liquid transfer applications, the Minipuls Evolution is designed for scientists seeking a high performance, easy-to-use peristaltic pump capable of a variety of configurations. Gilson offers the only peristaltic pump that allows for channel cartridges, from one to sixteen, to be changed while the pump is running with a simple and quick additional head placement and/or removal.

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