Microgen Bioproducts has become a leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of diagnostic rapid testing products which hospital laboratories use to detect and diagnose disease and food laboratories use to detect dangerous bacteria. The product range compromises a comprehensive list of quality diagnostic products in the fields of microbiology, serology, haematology, bacteriology and virology.

Microgen has developed a revolutionary technology for the processing of food samples for microbiological analysis. 

The Puslfier employs a revolutionary patented technology for the processing of food samples. Unlike paddle-type instruments the Pulsifier utilises a oscillating action, which drives microbes from the food sample into the aqueous phase, with minimal disruption of the food matrix, producing a sample more suitable for rapid microbiology methods and minimises bag breakage, even with hard foods.

Pulsifier video presentation

Path-Chek Hygiene Pathogen Detection System

Rapid swab tests for the detection of pathogenic bacteria from work surfaces or processing equipment.
The range of Path-Chek Hygiene Pathogen Systems consist of tests for 3 organism types; Listeria, Coliforms and Salmonella.

The features include:

  • High levels of sensitivity
  • Complaint with the requirements of ISO 18593:2004
  • Meets the requirements of USDA/FSIS and us FDA testing methods
  • Pre-moistened swabs increase recovery from wet and dry surfaces, neutralises residuals detergents and sanitising agents and preserves organisms
  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • no need to take incubation media into production area

Guidlines for environmental Microbiological Testing

Microgen ID

Microgen ID is a range of biochemical identification systems for a range of bavterial pathogens. All Microgen ID systems are presented in a convenient microwell format, providing a flexible identification platform, which in-turn provides savings in cost, time and laboratory space.
The range includes:

  • Microgen ID Strep-ID
    identification of Streptococci and Enterococci from clinical, veterinary, food and environmental sources
  • Microgen Listeria-ID
    identification of Listeria
  • Microgen GNA + B-ID
    identification of all currently recognised Enterobacteriaceae and an extensive range of oxidase-positive Bacilli
  • Microgen Staph-ID
    identification of Staphylococci of clinical, animal health and environmental importance
  • Microgen Bacillus-ID
    identification of mesophilic Bacillus species and related Genera associated with food poisoning and food spoilage.

Microgen Rapid and Robust Culture Confirmation Tests

Mirogen Bioproducts has developed a unique range of rapid and robust one-step culture confirmation assays, which utilise proven latex agglutination technology.
The assays provide:

  • Results in two minutes
  • Increased efficiency
  • High sensitivity
  • High specificity
  • Accurate and Reliable results

The Microgen Rapid and Robust culture confirmation tests range includes test for:

  • C. difficile
  • Salmonella
  • Campylobacteuer
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Streptococcus grouping of Strep ABCDFG
  • Legionella serogroups 1 and 2-15 and 10 non-L pneumophila species of clinical significance
  • Listeria species


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