Phileas | Airborne Disinfection

The concept

The Phileas® airborne disinfection system is based on a patented technology using a rotating disk to deliver an active agent in the form of microscopic droplets in the atmosphere.
The Phileas® range is a product-torque device system suitable for the treatment of all types of volumes. Smaller (less than 1 m³) to the largest (several thousand m³) and various configurations (height, Multi-rooms).

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What is airborne disinfection?

This is a new way of disinfecting volumes, rooms and installations by creating a fog which will diffuse in an enclosed space and will contact all surfaces.

This so called terminal disinfection should take place after cleaning sensitive areas, and enables the disinfection of hard-to-reach areas (high-up surfaces, hidden or even normally closed areas).

This method should only be used when the room has been vacated (so there is no risk to the user) and can be planned to take place during out of hours time (at night for example, so there is no waste of time).


Why Airborne disinfection?

 The inherent constraints of critical product production and of healthcare activities require a constant control of bio-contamination.

 To achieve this, it is necessary to put procedures in place for hygiene control, capable of maintaining a sufficient level of cleanliness (on the particulate side as well as on the microbiological side), to guarantee optimal and safe conditions for production, work or simply functioning. Within the range of available options for disinfection, one method has a privileged position because of its simplicity and high efficiency: airborne disinfection.

  1. Good manufacturing practices imposed on industries in the food processing and pharmaceutical sectors demand a production of quality products in a healthy environment.
  2. The cosmetics sector, where allergenic preservatives are less and less used in products, is also required to control the manufacturing environment.
  3. Labs who manipulate microorganisms or dangerous substances are required to have decontamination means to avoid contamination of external environments.
  4. The healthcare sector, within its risk management policies, has to put in place proportionate plans of action, adapted to its specialties and according to certain types of events (infection control, pandemics, work, clean room decontamination, etc)



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Fields of application


      • Hospitals/Clinics
      • Nursing Homes/Mental institutions
      • Healthcare and Public Service Transpor


      • Pharmaceuticals industry
      • Food Processing Industry
      • Biotechnology
      • Fermented Foods Processing Industry
      • Wine Industry
      • Fermented Foods Productio


      • Research Units
      • Veterinary Treatment Facilities and Laboratories
      • Medical Analysis Laboratory
      • Animal Breeding Facilities


  • Simplicity of concept
  • No nozzle or air compressor
  • Accurate droplets between 5 and 10µm
  • Constant flow rate
  • Low energy consumption


  • No risk of nozzle blockage
  • Low noise
  • No vibrations
  • Precise quantity control of diffused disinfectant
  • Battery operated, autonomous operation option on smaller devices within the range
  • Reproducible efficiency
  • Very low maintenance

 The equipment/chemical product combination system

The study of available processes and useable formulas shows that the efficiency of disinfectants depends on the chosen diffusion process.

As such, the manufacturers of disinfectant products for airborne sanitizing validate the efficiency of their formula with a chosen process, and therefore offer a process/product combination.

Hydrogen peroxide based biocides, for example, have a better efficiency when they are diffused in very fine droplets (between 5 and 10µm). This also enables a reduction in the content of active ingredients, whilst retaining the desired efficiency.

Range of products

Phileas Genius | Phileas 25 | Phileas 75 | Phileas 250

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