SHP Laboklav

HP Steriltechnik AG is a since several years in the market established very experienced company specialized on steam sterilizers. “Low in price – not cheap” is our motto.
The management has a long personal experience in developing and selling laboratory autoclaves. Our technical staff is recognized for their deep knowledge of sterilisation processes and equipment. The technology of our autoclaves is “state-of-the-art” and optimized in respect of user friendliness and cost saving.
Our series LABOKLAV and LABOKLAV ECO are manufactured in Germany only. Place of production is Schloss Detzel ( close to Haldensleben ) in Saxony-Anhalt. Our production partner Holzner Druckbehälter GmbH is specialized in manufacturing pressure vessels of almost any size.
Two series of LABOKLAV autoclaves are available. LABOKLAV ECO is a range of auto- claves focussing on simple laboratory applications. It is available in two sizes as a ready configured unit. LABOKLAV is a complete series of autoclaves meeting even highest expectations of demanding laboratory applications.
This, our dear customer, we guarantee with our names.

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