Solus Scientific : Quick and efficient pathogen & allergen testing systems

Solus Scientific produces pathogen and allergen testing systems. Committed to food safety excellence our assays bring significant productivity benefits to a food safety testing environment.

In a fast paced food testing environment it is critical to process samples quickly and efficiently, enabling the production facility to take actions such as release product, reduce inventory, or take prompt corrective actions when necessary. As sample volumes fluctuate the lab must also have the flexibility to cope with varying demands, maximizing throughput with optimal use of resources.

Solus AllergenScreen™ range provides rapid, and simple detection of food allergens.

Solus AllergenScreen™ allows for the testing of raw materials, production equipment, rinse samples or food at any point in the production process.
This helps to ensure products have not been contaminated with the target allergen.

Solus AllergenScreen™ Benefits

  • Rapid resultsl Simple procedure
  • A standard methodology for testing raw materials, in-process materials or finished products and liquid samples
  • All consumables required to perform Solus AllergenScreen™ are available
  • Room temperature storage

Solus AllergenScreen™ Range

  • Solus GlutenScreen™
  • Solus CaseinScreen™
  • Solus SoyaScreen™
  • Solus Consumables kit

Test methodology


Solus Pathogen Systems

Solus Pathogen Systems offer food testing laboratories an easy to use, cost effective and efficient method for the detection of Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli O157 in food and environmental samples. Presented in an immunoassay format, Solus Pathogen tests are versatile and can be used manually or in conjunction with automation. Performing to high standards, our tests are robust, reliable and validated by AFNOR to ISO 16140.

Solus System Benefits

  • Highly efficient when automated, significantly reducing technician time
  • High sample throughput can be achieved with a single machine
  • Can be used manually for smaller sample throughput
  • Validation in external, independent laboratories demonstrates high levels of sensitivity and specificity
  • Detection is 1 CFU per 25g of food product or swab prior to enrichment
  • Results available in: 36 hours (Salmonella) 44 hours (Listeria) 18 hours (E.coli O157)

Test methodology


Solus Raw Meat Tests

Solus Scientific manufactures a range of immunoassays designed to determine the authenticity and identify adulteration of raw meat for food manufacturers and contract testing laboratories. Presented in both immunoassay and rapid flow through formats, these tests allow food manufacturers to determine suitable testing schedules using a combination of immunoassay laboratory testing and on-site rapid testing. Often, production sites routinely use the flow through tests and then send samples for testing, if positive results are obtained or if a problem is suspected.


Solus Scientific offers rapid, and cost effective immunoassays to check for authenticity and adulteration in raw meat, providing traceability and confirming the integrity of meat, meat products and production facilities.

  • Available for horse, sheep, pork, beef and poultry
  • Fast, reliable analysis complete in 90 minutes
  • Can be used manually or with Solus automation
  • Detection limit 1%
  • All reagents supplied including controls

Test methodology


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