Tesalys, is the story of two people who met a long time ago in a small office in the center of the French city of Toulouse. At that time Patrick Hengl had developed one of the first machines to process infectious waste by disinfection, and Miquel Lozano worked for a sterilizer manufacturer. 20 years later, they have brought together their worldwide experience in biohazard waste processing, disinfection and sterilization within Tesalys, your biomedical waste processing partner.

Tesalys STERIPLUS systems are the ideal solution to treat biocontaminated waste. The unique TESASHRED shredding built-in system reduces significantly waste volume and weight and guarantees thermal treatment at the center of the waste. Autoclaving/sterilization process at 135°C grants up to 8 log10 microbial reduction.

The systems address the needs of healthcare centers, laboratories and all other locations where biomedical waste is produced. Youcan process waste bags, cardboard or rigid containers containing all kinds of surgical, medical and research and healthcare waste, like sharps, gloves, labware, glass, plastic/rubber tubing, filters. You can also manage a large volume of liquid waste. Tesalys STERIPLUS systems have been designed to be installed as close as possible to the waste generation point. Several units can be juxtaposed in order to obtain a quicker flow.

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       As simple as 1,2,3...
       Safe loading of waste

       STEP 1: Shredding (8-10mm)
       STEP 2: Decontamination process at 135°C for 10min. (steam sterilization)
       STEP 3: Evacuation of biodecontaminated effluents to sewer.

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