Microgen Bioproducts Launches the New Pulsifier II®

Pulsifier II® doesn’t use paddles, it utilises a high frequency oscillating metal ring to beat the bag. This creates intense mixing and shock waves in the medium, forcing bacteria off the food surfaces and out of interstitial spaces.

The objective is simple, Pulsifier II® drives bacteria into the medium without destroying the sample.


Pulsified samples contain less suspended food debris, which means they are:

  • Easier to filter
  • Easier to pipette
  • Cleaner, making them ideal for molecular, EIA, immunocapture and lateral flow methods.
  • Easier to read and interpret on both traditional plate count and Petrifilm methods due to the reduction in food particles
  • Far less likely to allow the release of PCR inhibitors from food samples; - more accurate molecular testing results, - can enable testing of a wider range of food matrices

In addition:

– The use of filter bags can be reduced dramatically

– Hard foods are easily processed

– Bag bursts are greatly reduced


About Microgen Bioproducts 

Established in 1994, Microgen Bioproducts Ltd has become a leader in the development, manufacture, distribution and marketing of products used by clinical laboratories to detect and diagnose disease, and by food laboratories to detect and identify pathogenic organisms. The product range comprises a comprehensive list of quality diagnostic products in the fields of microbiology, serology, haematology, bacteriology and virology.

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