New Anaerobic - Baker Ruskinn Concept

Concept Anaerobic Workstation from Baker Ruskinn

The Concept range has been rigorously tested to maximize productivity of systemized anaerobic or microaerophilic incubation; bringing together a host of features that you can trust, bringing immediate benefits to your busy laboratory.  
The removable pop-off front cover (Pop-Off™) makes set-up and cleaning so easy; the modular-design provides users with true flexibility to expand and upgrade work spaces. It is by getting the small things right that sets this range apart. We know just how crucial it is for your equipment to support your teams to
deliver effectively and efficiently every day


Save time in getting patient samples efficiently into correct anaerobic conditions, with our fast interlock purge cycle times and Single Plate Entry System (SPES™). Go further with our remote monitoring and control system, allows complete control wherever you are.


Access your workstation quickly & easily with our Ezee Sleeve™ direct-hand access port system. It’s also so easy to clean with the removable pop-off front cover (Pop-Off™).


Check your environmental conditions at a glance, with our clear digital on-screen colour-coded display, set to your specific parameters. With an optical sensor & HEPA filtration as standard, you can truly rely on the accuracy of set conditions.


Process more plates in one controlled environment with our high capacity workstations (up to 500 plates). Our modular design gives ultimate flexibility to expand and upgrade your workstation to offer a dual chamber controlled environment.
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