Tesalys Steriplus systems


Your infectious waste decontaminated and schredded in 30 minutes!

How does the Steriplus work:

It crushes/shreds and autoclaving in one run, and this in 30 minutes.

1)   You fill the unit above with the waste (bags, plastic buckets, needles, aprons, etc.)
2)   This waste is ground. The liquid passes to the bottom, and the crushed pieces are collected in a sieve (basket). Then the steam sterilization is done at 135 ° C followed by a cooling.
3)   Evacuation of biodecontaminated effluents to sewer.


- reduction of
the waste, up to 80% of the volume and 20% of the weight
- neutralization of the risk at the source (no transport of hazardous waste)
- ecological alternative to incineration
- the user decides on its waste
- can be easily installed anywhere

For further information, please contact us at +32 11 363 363 or info@ledtechno.be .


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