30% Discount on RiOs-DI Pure Water Purification



Pure water for general lab applications.

Type II pure water from RiOs-DI® systems is suitable for basic laboratory needs, such as buffer and reagent pre-paration; microbiology culture media preparation; general washing and glassware rinsing.

Bacteria-sensitive applications.

RiOs-DI® systems are also available with a built-in 254 nm UV lamp to reduce the level of bacteria for critical applications.


Easy installation.

RiOs-DI® systems are designed for easy installation: just connect the system to a tap water supply, plug it in, and insert the SmartPak® RODI cartridge ― your system is ready to use!

Optimized lab space.

With their integrated 6-liter reservoirs, RiOs-DI® systems can easily be installed wherever you need pure water in your lab, on the benchtop, or on the wall.


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