Pipetting robots for biologists

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Automation has never been easier

Download a protocol from our Protocol Library or work with our Science team to develop your own custom protocol.

Some common protocols include :

Basic Pipetting

Streamline sample distribution, easily normalize concentrations across a plate, fill and map multiple plates in minutes, and more with our suite of basic pipetting protocols. You can save your time (and your thumbs!) by letting Opentrons automate your most common and repetitive workflows.


Make your master mix and prep your samples for qPCR, RT PCR and more with protocols developed and tested by the Opentrons community. Just customize for your desired number of samples, set up your deck and hit “run” - we’ll take care of the rest!



Protein crystallization, Bradford Assays, in-gel digests for mass spec - these are just a few of the workflows available through the Opentrons Protocol Library. Accelerate your research with these protocols developed and scientifically validated by DFCI, Stanford, and more.



Automate bead-based nucleic acid extraction and purification assays like the AMPure XP system using our flexible workflows and MagDeck module. The OT-One can accelerate your DNA workflows, enabling you to do more fundamental downstream molecular biology experiments including NGS, cloning and PCR.


& more

A wide range of other protocols can be automated using the flexible Opentrons platform, including:

  • Gene editing with TALENs and the FusX kit from the Mayo Clinic
  • DNA origami folding at CalTech
  • Optogenetics and cell regulation at UMass Amherst
  • Voice-activated automated workflows at Stanford University
  • Microscope integration at UCSD


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